Sweet roasted red peppers, sultry coconut, earthy tomato, a bright shimmer of lemon and a medium pop of cayanne heat. It goes with everything


SWEET LAVA - Roasted Red Pepper and Coconut

  • INGREDIENTS: ROASTED PEPPERS (red peppers, water, salt, citric acid), VINEGAR, KETCHUP (tomato paste, vinegar, sugar, water, salt), COCONUT MILK (water, coconut cream, gellan gum, guar gum, natural flavor, sodium citrate, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin D2, xanthan gum), WATER, CAYENNE, SALT, LEMON, SHREDDED COCONUT (unsulfered coconut), RED PEPPER FLAKES, PAPRIKA, GARLIC, ONION, TURMERIC, BLACK PEPPER, ARROWROOT, XANTHAN GUM